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Living room, view from the foyer

View of the living room, looking from the foyer. The big picture window at the south end of the room, an addition made by Grainger, and his exercise bar, lashed between the entry columns, can be seen. (Photo by Pamela Tucker).

Grainger's chinning bar is the gateway to the living room

The living room is on your right as you enter the foyer from the front door. Light floods in from the south-facing picture window installed by Grainger. A horizontal bar lashed in place overhead between the columns on either side of the entry to the living room was placed there by Grainger, an adherent of physical fitness, for exercising.

Living room, view toward entrance hall

View of the living room, looking toward the foyer. (Photo by Pamela Tucker)

Living room, view toward music room

View of the living room, looking across the foyer toward the music room. To the right of the music room can be seen (just barely), the stairway with its Tiffany window (Photo by Pamela Tucker)

Parlor organ in living room

Parlor organ in living room. In the background, the dining room (Photo by Pamela Tucker)

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